Friday, April 2, 2010

Pelik tp benar...

hello...haiya frenz...i da jd OKB ma,you taw ka ,smlm wa transfer money tiba2 oh ari nie duit wa sudah belanak ma,u pecaya ka???!!!!kalo u tatak pecaya wa apa kesah ,wa sulah jadik OKB ma....wa pon hailan ma ,mana datang la itu money ma ,wa hailan sungguh la...haiya...x payah pikir ma ....wa manyak senang ati ... :-o
(diolah dr cerita sebenar)...korang agak2 duit tue dtg dari mana????

basic smokey eyes...

ok,kinda weird my posting 4 this tyme focusing on makeup since i never post sumthing like it before,but never mind,i always admire people who can apply beautiful makeup on their own ,d perfect one ,which when i see it then i would say, "she's brilliant....i wish i can hire her to be my 'mak andam' for my wedding " when i admire it then i would want to do it on my own,but unfortunately i dont have d perfect apparatus 4 me to immitate d steps shown in the vid i posted to u,lets see how its done..n ty it d next tyme k...enjoy....


1. Always start your smokey eyes or any eye makeup by applying foundation first. This helps prevent the racoon effect.

2. Next you want to begin with a sheer nude color all over your eye. Always pick a color closest to your natural shade, and begin putting the color all over from your lid to your brow bone.

3. Then you are going to apply either a plum or dark brown eyeshadow from your lid to your crease. (PLUM WORKS BEST ON LIGHTER COMPLEXIONS). Try to use a cream shadow since it smudges easier than powder. You can apply the color with your fingers or a makeup brush.

5. After that you’re going to line your entire eye with either a plum or dark color depending on your complexion. Darker complexions work very well with black and brown while lighter skin works better with plum. It all depends on how much attention you want with your smokey eye look. Line your eyes with the pencil color of your choice. For even more of a dramatic effect don’t forget to line your inner rims of you eye.

5. To really open your eyes use your eye curler to curl you eyelashes. To create even more of a curl blast the curler with the blow dryer for a few seconds, and then curl your lashes. Next use two to three coats of mascara.

6. For more sparkle add a silver shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back....thinking dat i need 2 write sumtimes ,juz y dont i continue 2 what i have begun in d years back...hmmmm....where can i start,ok a full time teacher now not under training anymore,i have successfully completed my dip ed,yeay....... \(^_-)/...I have been posted to Miri,ok la ,my target town in d 1st place if i have to be send to Sarawak,if in Sabah i prefer Kudat,hahahahah (evil laugh) in miri is quite ok,reminding me of Ipoh,itz juz that there is no JJ in MIRI,but d most famous hypermarket here is called 'Boulevard Hypermarket'which is very near 2 my house here in Miri,if i have to walk to Boulevard it can be bout 15 minutes walk..kinda exercise since im gaining weight rite now ,my jogging plan in Taman Bulatan (also very near 2 my house ,a recreation place for family for jogging most of d time )always turns out to be juz a daydream...ahaks...ok ,enuf bout my new life in MIRI,actually i have planned long ago while i'm still at home during the 2 months rest 2 reinvented my blog ,but when it comes 2 sumthing dat needs me 2 push myself 2 stay in front of d laptop for d whole day ,reinventing ,refreshing n redecorate n so sickness ,its called "M.A.L.A.S" huhuhuhu...its depends on my mood ,i dont write much but when i want 2 write i dont care bout ol d hassle dat comes in my plan is 2 make my blog more merrier ,i have completed in changing the blog skin ,n now ,my plan is to add more interesting widgets n add more categories ,so dat i can with everyone ,afterall im a teacher i use to share ,but it depends on d people if u want 2 accept what i share or not....ok,till d next post ...daaaa...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

me with umi yg bakal berkawen taun depan ,hiii...gedik2 mase wat pom-pom paie

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally ,decision made up...

Finally ,our trip 2 Padang had been approved by d faculty n we juz wait till dis Monday to depart...Padang,here we come...n frenz insyaALLAH there will be souvenirs 4 u...:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip 2 Padang ,Indonesia...

Its about few days left before all of us the DPLI students minor 'masalah pendengaran' going for a trip to Padang actually not really a trip but more 2 'Lawatan Ilmiah' b'coz as been plan we have to attend seminar in Universiti Negeri Padang and also present papers on given topics in UNP.BUT ..not as smooth as we thought ,there's 1 more problem and we have to wait for today's lecturer meeting to know the,just wait n see ,hopefully there will be not much problem for us after this....


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Sekian, Selamat Mencuba